Lyndon's Johnson memorial
at Turkey Run Park next to the Pentagon

Remembering what a stone cold ugly pr*ck LBJ was
- the biggest Turkey to Run for President
LBJ started the Viet Nam war for military-industrial profits
based on the lie about the Gulf of Tonkin

America's Most Corrupt, Evil, and Ruthless President

Lyndon's Johnson went in many place it should not have.
Please sign the Petition to remove Lyndon's Johnson from public lands

These 4 men were Executed when LBJ was in the Executive Branch

The Man Who Killed Kennedy: LBJThe Truth about LBJ
LBJ helped kill JFK to become President
a key member and enabler of the conspiracy

Remembering LBJ's member which was
used to pee on the Constitution and screw America
as well as numerous mistresses, dishonoring Lady Bird,
during his most murderous presidency from 1963 to 1969

LBJ was the Commander in Chief on the days of the death of
JFK,  MX,  MLK,  and RFK
11/22/63,  2/21/65,  4/4/68,  and 6/6/68

Murder of John F. Kennedy - November 22, 1963 (LBJ competitor)
Murder of Malcolm X - February 21, 1965 (by Thomas Hagan)
Murder of Dr. Martin Luther King - April 4, 1968 (LBJ disliked him)
Murder of Robert F. Kennedy - June 6, 1968 (LBJ competitor)
Thousands of U.S. Soldiers and VietNamese (LBJ declared war)

Officially Indicted for 8 Murders by a Texas Court
posthumously during the trial of Billy Sol Estes

Henry Marshall

George Krutelnik

Ike Rogers

Harold Orr

Coleman Wade

Josefa Johnson

John Douglas Kinser


Murder of Steven Brown Johnson in 1990
When Steve spoke out about his being LBJ's son, he was arrested, disappeared,
put in a mental hospital, given drugs, and died of "natural" leukemia.
Murder of Dell Turner (Odell) - the colored nanny who saw LBJ
with Madeleine Duncan Brown - LBJ's mistress

Congressman Albert Thomas winks at LBJ as if to say "we won!"

LBJ invited Jackie to live with him in the White House with his wife, but she declined in a letter.

LBJ Stole the Texas Senate election with the Box 13 Scandal in 1948
over Governor Coke Robert Stephenson

In the fall of 1963, the Bobby Baker scandal exploded into the national media. Bobby Baker, who as the secretary of the Senate was a virtual son to Lyndon Johnson, was being investigated for a vending machine kick back scam and numerous shady deals.

Malcolm Wallace - LBJ's hit man
Malcolm "Mac" Wallace
Malcolm Wallace's fingerprints, with a 34 point match were found on a box
in the Texas School Book Depository. He was the sharp shooter, not Lee Harvey Oswald.

Remembering Lyndon's Johnson, used to screw mistresses.
JBJ also screwed the Constitution, and America
by helping to murder JFK, according to E. Howard Hunt
Barr McClennan, and other witnesses,
thus stealing the Presidency from JFK.

James Earl Ray was framed for the killing Dr. Martin Luther King

Evidence that LBJ was involved in killing JFK

A size comparison LBJ's with George Washington's memorial

Let's relieve ourselves from this eye sore next to the Pentagon