LBJ Killed JFK  5/6


In the following memorandum from the Director of the CIA, Lee Harvey Oswald is clearly identified as a CIA agent.

Edward Clark, acting on orders from Lyndon Johnson, had arranged for all the parties who wanted Kennedy killed to contribute either cash or manpower. It was like a poker game with each player putting his chips in the pot. Oswald was the CIA's contribution. Malcolm Wallace was Johnson's chip. The mob contributed two expert hit men to take the head-on shot as a back-up to Oswald and Wallace. Big oil, namely Murchison, put up the cash.

In return, big oil got their Oil Depletion Allowance and the Military Industrial economy they dreamed about; the CIA maintained their stonghold on power and escalated the Vietnam conflict to a full blown war, the mob silenced Attorney General Robert Kennedy's pressure on Hoover to combat their criminal activities; Lyndon Johnson avoided being indicted for his corruption with Billy Sol Estes and Bobby Baker, almost certain imprisonment, and gained his zenith as the president of the United States. Not bad- eh?

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