10 Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald
by Judyth Baker

Here are ten things you may not have known about Lee Harvey Oswald:

(1) Lee -- even though he was supposedly a genuine defector to Russia --was granted a State Department loan of $435.71 to pay for his family's trip to return with him from the USSR to the USA. The value of the loan was equivalent to ~$4,300.00 in today's funds.

(2) Lee had to be a citizen in good standing to get this loan. DocID 32212672 tells us that ONLY citizens "whose loyalty to the United States is beyond question" could get it -- unless to deny it could do harm to America's security or reputation.

(3) DocID 32212672 also tell us that the State Department, Passport Services, and the CIA were lax and careless in handling Lee's defection, despite all the publicity in the newspapers. DocID 32212672 says that despite Lee's stating that he renounced his U.S. citizenship-- and even though Lee had declared his allegiance to the USSR--for various reasons, the official papers were never filled out, so Lee got the loan anyway.

(4) "Lookout cards" were supposed to be issued when Lee defected to the USSR, and also when he got his loan. Did you know that these cards vanished? Other "lookout cards" also should have been issued (for example, when Lee got his new passport on June 25, 1963, where he stated he planned, among other countries, the USSR (That's like somebody putting down "Iran" or "North Korea" today!). After all, what if he was a spy for the Soviets, now planning to return to the USSR to report his information? Nobody could find these lookout cards, either.

(5) Edward Epstein (no friend of the full truth) nevertheless wrote in "Legend" (p. 194-195) that at Lee's job with Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall in Dallas (which had a contract with the CIA to handle secret U2 photos and maps, as well as many commercial photo jobs to do for catalogs and local newspapers), Lee was trained to work with the precise equipment needed to deal with such secret photos and maps. "Oswald had been taught," Epstein wrote,"to operate several types of complex photographic equipment, including distantion cameras, photo typesetters and Robertson vertical cameras, all of which were utilized for espionage."

(6) Lee's passport application said he was a photographer who planned to be traveling as a tourist outside the US for 3 months to a year. His Mexican Tourist Visa also said he was a "Catholic" though he was raised Lutheran and as an adult had never indicated a religion. But then, Lee and I planned to get married by a priest in a remote area in Mexico, and then to hide in the Cayman Islands for a year, if necessary, until things calmed down. A Catholic marriage was all that was needed in Mexico to be legitimate: a civil marriage was not required, and only church records in some small village would have been involved.

(7) In my book "ME & LEE" I go into detail about Lee's passport application and how it was APPROVED IN ONLY 24 HOURS. In the attached photo, you can see that "Arthur Young" (actually Ret. Customs Agent Charles Thomas) filled out Lee's occupation as "photographer" with his own hand. Why didn't Lee fill it out? Lee was probably in quite a hurry, as he was still working for Reily at this time, and though he was often "missing" at Reily he did have to work there as many hours as possible in that cover job.

What's important is that the "occupation" blank was filled in with the correct word -- "photographer" -- AND BY FILLING IN THAT BLANK, Charles Thomas shows us that he knew this information. This bit of information helps establish the fact that Lee was well known to him. Note that a newspaper article appeared only days before Lee got his passport so quickly, stating that passport issuance was going to be speeded up. The Warren Commission made much of this fact, and that a stack of passports got processed within 24 hours, as well. However, what's missing from this "fact" is that an extra fee had to be paid to expedite 24 hour processing.

(8) Today, we are supposed to believe the CIA /MSM story that Lee Oswald "colluded" with Russians and communist Cubans in Mexico City to kill JFK, even though CIA officer William Hood had Lee's name removed from an FBI "watch" list on Oct. 9, 1963 -- one week after Lee returned from Mexico City.

So who was CIA officer Hood?

(9) Peter Dale Scott, in his 2015 book "Dallas '63" tells us that "William P. Hood... was the Chief of Operations for Western Hemisphere Division. More importantly, Hood was a senior Counterintelligence Officer who had been involved for some time on a highly sensitive case, a possible Soviet mole who had leaked information about the CIA's secret U-2 program."

[ JVB: Have stated Lee Oswald was involved with leaking information about the U-2 to the Soviets, on behalf of the CIA. The more you learn about Lee, the more you should realize that he worked for the CIA and the FBI, just as he told me.]

(10) George de Mohrenschildt, with strong CIA ties, was married to his 4th wife, Jeanne, whose brother was CIA. She had also formerly been employed by that same Abraham Zapruder who made the most famous short film in the world, showing Kennedy's assassination. As for George, he would regret betraying Lee to the Warren Commission, stating that he had been intimidated by the lawyers there. Anthony Summers interviewed George for his book"Conspiracy" p. 228-229: Of Lee, George said: "Lee Harvey Oswald was a delightful guy. They made a moron out of him, but he was smart as hell. Ahead of his time..."

Please copy, save, and share. This is how we can save the truth -- the facts that MSM and the government don't tell you. Seeking justice for John F. Kennedy, means we have to exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald. We need to do this not only for JFK, RFK and MLK, but for all who have died who were witnesses, who were Vietnam War victims, and who have been caught up and have had their lives destroyed in the endless wars we've had ever since.photos: Lee under arrest, shows bruises on his face and forehead before they added makeup (FBI's Vincent Drain and others were aware of the makeup, which Lee's mother, Marguerite Oswald, also reported). This poor photo also blurs some features, but the pattern of bruises can be seen on the forehead. See our book "Kennedy & Oswald: the Big Picture" for details. (2 -3) Lee's passport application, made out June 24 and approved June 25, in New Orleans, a port of entry where passport applications were supposed to be carefully scrutinized.(4) Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall--Lee's meticulous entries show when he was present. There was no way, from these carefully-kept records, when he would have had a chance to mail the order form and postal money order over a mile away, traveling on foot, for the rifle, and nobody was giving Oswald any rides who worked at J-C-G.


Me & Lee by Judyth Baker