These are the process of buying online t-shirts a customer must consider.

1. Contact the seller first.

As an online buyer, it is important to know first if the website where you will purchase your t-shirt is legit or not. Scammers are everywhere online and they can be as good as to be true and can imitate legit’s websites, so being extra careful is a must. One way to verify its legitimacy is to contact the seller through phone calls if they are selling legit products. Their contact information can be found on their websites like their email, phone number, or address if they are near. You can talk to them directly or if possible ask for their valid IDs before making bulk transactions or even you can ask for a personal meet-up with them if possible.

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2. Keep All Accounts or Personal Information Secure.

Make sure to keep all your personal information confidential and secret especially giving in your bank information details if you are using your credit card or bank savings account. Do not easily trust someone and if possible do not make transactions with people whom you don’t know and are not comfortable working with them. Your details like your address, spouse’s details, contact number, and other personal info must keep in private. Do not let others know that you have many credit cards and have more money put in the bank.

3. Make an order and Ask for a receipt if making an online transaction

If you will make transactions and close the deal, ask for proof like a receipt for you to have a legal copy of your online transaction. If you already contacted the seller and you are very certain about its legitimacy, then you can now proceed processing your orders. You have the option to pay these orders online or the safest way is to pay cash on delivery or COD. You can check the item first upon arrival and not to accept the purchased product online if its different or have damages upon delivery and keep all those receipts from them.