Employee Rights Attorney Group is a law firm that specializes in labor and employment law. We provide much-needed representation to employees who have been denied their employment rights by their employers. The firm’s attorneys have successfully defended employees in disputes with their employers. Employee Rights Attorney Group offer free consultations to employees who are unsure of their legal rights. They form an action plan for you, whether it be by helping you obtain payments from your employer or protecting your rights.

1. Reputation

When choosing an employment lawyer the first thing you should look for is the type of lawyer you want. For instance, if you are looking for an employment lawyer who focuses on representation regarding wage and hour, discrimination or age discrimination then look for a lawyer that specializes in those areas. If you are looking for such a lawyer then our firm can help you.

2. Compensation

It is important to remember that every lawsuit has a cost associated with it. Our firm uses the most competitive compensation rate so that we can ensure that your case receives the highest level of attention without costing the client any money out of pocket. We understand how stressful it can be to find an attorney who will provide full and complete representation without charging any cost at all.

3. Experience

It is also important to consider an employment lawyer’s experience when looking for an attorney. Clients should look at the years of experience that the employment lawyer has and make sure that they are comfortable with their level of expertise and overall knowledge. Our firm offers top-notch experience in all areas of employment law, which means that we can help you get what you deserve for your case.

4. Location

It is important to consider the location of employment lawyers when looking for representation. It is smart for clients to look at the locations where lawyers have represented their previous clients and make sure that their location is convenient for them. The firm’s group of lawyers is located throughout the country, which means that we can help you no matter where you are located.

5. Specialization

Employment law covers a wide range of fields, including labor disputes, discrimination and harassment cases and other types of employment lawsuits. It is important to consider a lawyer’s expertise in a specific area when looking for representation because each field has complex nuances that can be difficult to understand without proper legal assistance.

6. Skills and qualifications

The skill and qualification of a lawyer is another important consideration when choosing an employment lawyer. Clients should consider the lawyer’s experience and qualifications when looking at skill sets. This can help clients make an informed choice when they are searching for a lawyer.


When choosing an employment lawyer our firm is dedicated to providing the best possible representation to our clients. We specialize in representing employees through non-litigious means, which is different than many other labor and employment lawyers who represent their clients in litigation. This means that we have been successful where others have failed because we readily work with individual employees to solve their problems without resorting to litigation.